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Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean Diet a Value Proposition

Mediterranean Diet a Safe Value for our Health

Despite the evolution that cooking has experienced in recent years, the Mediterranean Diet, based on fresh products grown in countries bordering the Mediterranean sea, remains a safe value as a guarantee of health.

Mediterranean Diet: what is it?

Although we have always heard of the Mediterranean diet do we really know what it is?

The Mediterranean diet is based on eating local and fresh products, grown in countries bordering the Mediterranean. It includes: fruits and vegetables, fresh fish, cereals, … all seasoned with olive oil and accompanied by a good wine. The products used are also known as ‘fresh food market products’ and cooking with these products is also known as ‘market cuisine’.

But the word ‘diet’ takes us beyond the realm of food. The word ‘diet’ implies a lifestyle, favored by the mild climate of the Mediterranean, Mediterranean Diet includes exercise and social habits that invite us to share these foods in family or friends meals.

The importance of the Mediterranean Diet is known worldwide, and is increasingly relevant at a time when obesity and especially childhood obesity is becoming a serious problem for diseases involved. This makes this type of Diet a topic of interest and debate in relevant international meetings, such as the Food Hall of Barcelona (2012) or the World Forum for Nutrition Research at the Fira de Reus 2013.

For some years, the press has echoed the importance of this diet. In the newspaper El País past Sunday, Elvira cute’s article also highlights the importance of this diet and the international impact it is having.  This article referred to an article published in the New England Journal of Medicine and reviewed in Times about the importance for health of proper food combining, and invites us to look to the past and bring back again the traditional Mediterranean home food.

We invite you to discover the Mediterranean Diet products and cooking techniques with us.

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