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Mediterranean Diet Decalogue

Mediterranean Diet Decalogue

Mediterranean Diet Decalogue: 10  basic principles

According to UNESCO The Mediterranean Diet is a set of practices, knowledge and symbols related to the cultivation, preservation, processing, distribution and methodology of cooking food. The Mediterranean Diet is a cultural element which promotes social integration, supported by a set of values, defined as the “Mediterranean Diet Decalogue” which include hospitality or intercultural dialogue.

The 10 basic principles of the Mediterranean Diet are:

  1. Use olive oil as the main source off added fat
  2. Eat plenty of vegetables, fruits, legumes and nuts
  3. Bread and other grain products (pasta, rice) should be part of your daily diet
  4. Eat fresh products as much as possible.  In-season products are at their best moment in terms of nutrients, aroma and flavour
  5. Consume dairy products on a daily basis, mainly cheese and yogurt
  6. Red meat should be eaten in moderation, and if possible as part of stews and similar recipes
  7. Consume fish in abundancy and eggs in moderation
  8. Fresh fruit should be your daily dessert, and sweets and cakes should be consumed only on occasion
  9. Water is the beverage of excellence in the Mediterranean diet.  Wine should be taken in moderation and with meals.
  10. Be physically active everyday as it is as important as eating well.

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