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Food Markets

Food Markets Barcelona

Barcelona Food Markets Tour

Barcelona Food Markets Tour is a perfect way to learn about Barcelona and its gastronomy, but also about its history, its culture and its best known architectural style:  Modernism.  Along this tour you will also learn about habits of local people.

A Little bit of History

Do you know that important dates in the History of Catalonia also have had an impact on Barcelona’s Food Markets?

Markets are nearly as old as people.  The Mediterranean climate has boosted the outdoor life and activities, and as part of these activities outdoor markets developed

The first indoors markets were built in late 1800.¬† Between 1875 and 1882 Catalonia experienced an extraordinary growth, known as ‚ÄúGold fever‚ÄĚ.¬† Among other initiatives, there was the will to regulate outdoor food markets, and the construction of the first markets (as they are now today) date from 1844.¬† The first covered market was Santa Caterina which opened in 1844, but it was around 1880 when most of the Barcelona Food markets opened:¬† Sant Antoni, La LLibertat, La Concepci√≥, l‚ÄôAbasseria.¬† The construction of Barcelona‚Äôs Food Markets continue along the first half of the 20th. Century.

Another very important date for Barcelona and its food markets was 1992, when Barcelona was the venue of the Olimpic Games.  At that time, the remodelling of Barcelona’s markets started.  Up to now 20 of the 40 existing markets have been remodelled.

Food markets in Barcelona are public spaces.  Since the Roman Period, Barcelona was an important oil and wheat production center.  In Middle Ages Barcelona’s council took over the control of the streets to ensure smooth distribution of wheat.

Markets and Mediterranean Diet

The importance of food markets in Barcelona has also a lot to do with the influence of the Mediterranean and the Mediterranean Diet.  Markets are the best way to ensure that people get fresh vegetables, fruits, fish and meat.  Not too long ago, markets were furnished only with local products.  Currently, local products remain the bulk of the offer, although it is also possible to find products from other countries in the world.

Markets had played (and continuous to play) an important role in Barcelona social life, specially when internet and all the social media was still not with us.  Markets were the place to learn about what was happening in town and in the world, in public and private life:  gossip and whispering quickly spreads under the shouting of the saleswomen, and it is not unusual that you leave the market knowing something else than when you arrived.

Come and discover with us the food markets in Barcelona

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