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Food and wine Tourism

Food and Wine Tourism in Barcelona Catalonia

The Food and Wine Tourism is key for a positive traveling experience

Food and Wine Tourism is currently booming.  A few years ago, Gastronomic Tourism was considered a complement of the trip and now, according to specialized surveys, 93% of world tourism wants to have at least one gastronomic experience when travelling.

The Gastronomic Tourist is a Cultural Tourist

When doing Gastronomic Tourism, people seek for complete experiences around food, wine, olive oil or other typical products of the place being visited.  Gastronomic Tourism helps to better understand the culture of the region.

Not everybody looks for the same experiences when making food and wine tourism:  The authentic foodie usually looks for food and drinks of local tradition; the gourmet foodie prefers a gastronomic experience of high standard; and organic foodies, which number is quickly increasing, look for restaurants or experiences based on organic products.

The Food and Wine Tourism in Barcelona, Catalonia

For several years, Catalonia has been offering a high variety of experiences around Food and Wine Tourism.  The temperate climate, the Mediterranean products grown in our lands, as well as the coast bathed by the Mediterranean sea favor the realization of all types of touristic gastronomic activities all year long.

It is difficult to enumerate all the food and wine activities available in the different areas of Catalonia, but here are some of the most important ones:

In Barcelona: extensive offer of food tours, showcookings and hands-on experiences to learn about the food and wine culture.  Practical experiences on how to make a Paella or traditional Tapas, and tours to visit fresh food markets are the activities more requested.  Not to mention the wide offer of high quality restaurants that can satisfy the expectations of all visitors.

In many regions of Catalonia there is a wide offer of activities related to wineVisits to wineries where you will be explained the whole process of wine making; routes on foot or bicycle to discover the characteristics of the terroir and different types of local vines and grapes with which these wines are made.  Other options include breakfast on the vineyards or dinner under the starts.  Usually these two last activities take place in Spring or Summer.

Nowadays, also Olive Oil Tourism begins to stand out, giving you the possibility to learn about and taste the different types of local olives and olive oil made.

And the Mediterranean Sea also allows to enjoy an interesting offer of activities on food and wine tourism.  Some examples are:  a tour to the fisherman’s market, a visit to the mussel platform in the middle of the sea or a Tuna Tour.

All these activities always include a tasting of Slow Food high quality products: fresh products, local cuisine, wine, etc.  The time shared with the host during the tasting allows the visitor to deepen in the day to day life of the locals and discover other points of interest in the visited area.

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