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Plato preferido de los catalanes

Catalans Favorite Dish

Catalans Favorite Dish

The “escudella and Carn d’olla” favorite dish of the Catalans.

The Cuina Magazine, within the framework of ” Catalonia European Region of Gastronomy” has organized a contest to see which is the favorite dish of the Catalans.

40 traditional dishes like the xató (salad with Romesco sauce), “Escalivada (roasted vegetables), cannelloni, spinach Catalan style were presented. After a first screening 20 dishes remain.

These 20 specialities were sponsored and developed by well known Catalan cooks, among which could not miss the name of Joan Roca and Ferran Adrià.

It might be the reason or not, but the dishes proposed by these two great chefs Joan Roca and Ferran Adrià were the two finalists. Ferran Adrià’s proposal: bread with tomato. And the proposal of Joan Roca: The Escudella and Carn d’Olla.

Over the past few weeks 120,000 votes have been issued to elect the Catalans’ favorite dish.  Today in the Gastronomic Forum in Barcelona the winner has been announced, resulting the “Escudella and Carn d’Olla” Catalans favorite dish.

Escudella is a soup that is obtained by preparing a rich vegetables and meat (specially pork) broth, to which a type of pasta shaped spiral is added.  This pasta in Catalan is known as “galets“. One of the most characteristic ingredients of the Escudella is the “pilota” which is made by mixing ground beef and pork, linking it with breadcrumbs and egg.  The “pilota” adds flavor to the broth.

The Escudella is a traditional Christmas dish. There are two common ways to eat the Escudella:

  • Escudella Barrejada: In this case the vegetables and meat used to make the broth are chopped and incorporated into the soup, so that all is eaten together.
  • The Escudella and Carn d’olla: In this case, first the soup with Galets is served, and the meat and vegetables are served separated.

The #Cuina Magazine will award a plaque to all the restaurants that prepare this dish with authenticity and quality. This certificate is a way to recognize the good work of the restaurants, and for the general public is a guarantee of where to consume a good Escudella with guarantees.

To learn how to prepare this dish: Cocinaen Experiences

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