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birthday cooking

Happy Birthday cooking with Cocinaen

Celebrate your birthday cooking in Barcelona

Would you like to celebrate your birthday cooking in Barcelona?  Cooking gives you plenty of game.  In Cocinaen in we know, and so we have prepared a series of culinary activities suitable for all ages.

To celebrate your birthday cooking you can choose from the following options:

Do you like cooking and want to enjoy cooking with your friends? Cocina en in Barcelona will help you to prepare a menu to your taste.  We offer a fully equipped premises and all the necessary ingredients to make your menu a success.  Once food is ready, sit back and enjoy the fruit of your work with your friends.

Test your friends’ capabilities! Are you competitive and would you like to test the creativity of your friends in the kitchen, even of those who claim to be experts? Choose our MasterTapa option to celebrate your birthday.  In this cooking workshop you will compete in small groups to get the most creative and innovative “tapa”.  You will choose the winner, but first you will have to taste the “tapas” prepared by all groups.

Do you like surprises? Do you dare to take a risk? We propose a blind tasting.  Enjoy new sensations when introducing food in the mouth that you have not previously seen.  Will you be able to recognize it?  You will discover the importance of the senses in the act of eating.

If you prefer to learn to prepare a new dish, tell us and we will help you. Join us and your friends in the development of some special dish, and enjoy it.

And for the little ones, cookies or cupcakes workshops. Have fun with your friends preparing delicious cookies or cupcakes.  And, let your imagination fly when decorating to your taste with all the ingredients and accessories we offer.  While cookies or cupacakes are in the oven, enjoy some delicious snacks.

Do you have any other ideas?  Tell us and we will help you to implement them.

In no case you may miss the traditional birthday cake.  If you want, we will elaborate it for you.


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