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Wine and cheese pairing course

Wine and Cheese Pairing Course

Wine and Cheese Pairing Course in Barcelona

In this wine and cheese pairing course in Barcelona you will learn to combine different types of wines with different kinds of cheese:  goat, cow, sheep, etc.  You will learn to recognize the nuances of these products, allowing you to find the most convenient and interesting couples.

This Course of Wine and Cheese Pairing in Barcelona is for those who enjoy and appreciate good wine.

The Wine and Cheese pairing course in Barcelona is a monographic course of one session.  In each session a brief description of the world of cheeses and their means of production is done.  There will also be an introduction to wine tasting.  We will taste red, White and sparkling wines to pair with cured, creamy, fresh or soft, stronger or softer to get the most  out of both products.

Features of the Wine Pairing Course:

  • This is a monographic course of one session. Sessions are periodically held along the year.
  • Courses are taught labor days in the evening, usually on Friday, or on Saturday.
  • The duration of the session is 2,5 hours approximately.
  • All courses include tasting of wine and cheeses
  • Price:    42€ per person

More Information about the world of Wine Pairing: 

Wine Pairing is the art of combine wine with some other product (in this case, cheese) seeking the harmony of colors and flavors, and enhancing the sensations in the palate.

There are different criteria that can be applied: seek balance by flavor of different intensity; or try to enhance the flavor of both by pairing. The basic rule would be that in pursuit of this harmony neither of them (wine or cheese) takes precedence over the other.

Throughout the course our sommelier will share with you a variety of techniques and tricks so that you can achieve the desired balance and harmony.

If you want to delve in the world of wine and discover all the possibilities it offers, this course is for you.

Contact us and we will inform of the upcoming available dates.


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