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Catalan Cuisine Workshop

Catalan Cuisine Workshop

Catalan Cuisine Workshop in Barcelona

In this Catalan Cuisine Workshop you will learn the bases of Catalan Cuisine, the products used, the most common cooking techniques and the most representative dishes.

As part of the Mediterranean Diet, Catalan Cuisine enjoys worldwide reputation, for its quality and the variety of ingredients with which it is made.  It is a traditional cooking made with fresh seasonal products.

This course of Catalan Cuisine in Barcelona is a hands-on monographic course.  In this course you will learn how to prepare typical dishes of Catalan cuisine such as “Mar y Montaña” (stew made with chicken and seafood) or “rap al all Cremat” (delicious fish stew).  We should not forget traditional sauces, such as “Salsa Romesco” made with nuts, tomatoes, and olive oil, which is frequently used in Catalan cuisine to accompany salads, vegetables and even fish.

Features of the Catalan Cuisine Workshop:

  • Courses are held regularly from Monday to Friday in the evening, or Saturday morning
  • The duration of this workshop is approximately 2,5 hours.
  • All courses include recipes, all the required teaching material and taste of the dishes prepared.

More information about Catalan Cuisine:

Catalonia enjoys a privileged situation, surrounded by sea and mountains, making it possible to have easy access to fish and meat.  Moreover, due its mild climate, it has a wide variety of crops of vegetables and fruits

Catalan Cuisine has incorporated products and techniques from other cultures with which throughout history it has come into contact, such as eggplant and rice, introduced by the Arabas, and tomato and chocolate coming from America, which Catalan Cuisine has incorporated into its traditional stews.

Our chef will share with you information about the origins of Catalan Cuisine, its evolution and the most traditional dishes.

If you want to learn about Catalan cuisine, its most common ingredients, its homemade and more sophisticated dishes, and renew your cookbook, this course is for you.

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