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Food and wine Tourism

Food and Wine Tourism in Barcelona Catalonia

24 October, 2017 -

The Food and Wine Tourism is key for a positive traveling experience Food and Wine Tourism is currently booming.  A few years ago, Gastronomic Tourism was considered a complement of the trip and now, according to specialized surveys, 93% of world tourism wants to have at least one gastronomic experience when travelling. The Gastronomic Tourist…

Ham or Jamón

Ham or Jamón a delight of Spanish Gastronomy

16 February, 2017 -

Ham or Jamón one of the most valued products of Spanish Gastronomy One of the best well known and appreciated products of Spanish Gastronomy is Ham or Jamón. There are many types of ham and also a range of qualities, therefore it is not always easy to know which one to get.  A couple of…

Plato preferido de los catalanes

Catalans Favorite Dish

25 October, 2016 -

Catalans Favorite Dish The “escudella and Carn d’olla” favorite dish of the Catalans. The Cuina Magazine, within the framework of ” Catalonia European Region of Gastronomy” has organized a contest to see which is the favorite dish of the Catalans. 40 traditional dishes like the xató (salad with Romesco sauce), “Escalivada (roasted vegetables), cannelloni, spinach…

Food is culture

Food is culture

20 July, 2016 -

Food is culture: Food and cooking are essential elements of our culture.  Cuisine is part of our cultural heritage.  Through gastronomy we can get to know the customs of a country and its people.  As Josep Pla, Catalan journalist and writer, said:  “Cooking is the landscape put in the pan”. Food is culture.  Noting the…

Mediterranean Diet Decalogue

Mediterranean Diet Decalogue

8 July, 2016 -

Mediterranean Diet Decalogue: 10  basic principles According to UNESCO The Mediterranean Diet is a set of practices, knowledge and symbols related to the cultivation, preservation, processing, distribution and methodology of cooking food. The Mediterranean Diet is a cultural element which promotes social integration, supported by a set of values, defined as the “Mediterranean Diet Decalogue” which…

Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean Diet a Value Proposition

25 May, 2016 -

Mediterranean Diet a Safe Value for our Health Despite the evolution that cooking has experienced in recent years, the Mediterranean Diet, based on fresh products grown in countries bordering the Mediterranean sea, remains a safe value as a guarantee of health. Mediterranean Diet: what is it? Although we have always heard of the Mediterranean diet…

Food Markets

Food Markets Barcelona

12 May, 2016 -

Barcelona Food Markets Tour Barcelona Food Markets Tour is a perfect way to learn about Barcelona and its gastronomy, but also about its history, its culture and its best known architectural style:  Modernism.  Along this tour you will also learn about habits of local people. A Little bit of History Do you know that important dates…

birthday cooking

Happy Birthday cooking with Cocinaen

8 February, 2016 -

Celebrate your birthday cooking in Barcelona Would you like to celebrate your birthday cooking in Barcelona?  Cooking gives you plenty of game.  In Cocinaen in we know, and so we have prepared a series of culinary activities suitable for all ages. To celebrate your birthday cooking you can choose from the following options: Do you like cooking…

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