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About us

In Cocina en… Ventana Gastronómica we are passionate about cooking and understand gastronomy in a broad sense, as an axis around which we can enjoy exercising our senses, enhance our social relationships and educate our children (and ourselves) on the importance of the resources our environment provides.

In Cocina en…  we want to share our knowledge, information and experience about Spanish and Catalan Gastronomy with all foodies and people interested in Spanish cuisine who visit Barcelona, coming from any part of the world.  This is done through outdoor routes, and hands-on experience in our fully cooking equipped space.

To add value and understanding of this wide world, and particularly the Spanish and Catalan cuisine, throughout the three years since the birth of Cocina en…, we have been deepening not only in cooking practices but also into various aspects of food culture. Among the activities performed to highlight the Postgraduate in Communication and Gastronomy Enology (Abad Oliva CEU) and the Food and Nutrition Course at UB Barcelona.

Our goal is to offer you a very personal and specialized treatment.

We invite you to enjoy the exciting world of Spanish and Catalan food and cuisine in our company.

If you want to contact us you can do at the following address: infococina@cocinaen.com, or by phone: 629 839 294

Now you can find us weekdays afternoon in: Calle Ferrer de Blanes, 6 – Barcelona

You can follow us in facebook.com/cocinaen or www.youtube.com/cocinaen

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